THOR Screensaver Unlock code


THOR screensaver THOR SCREENSAVER brings an animated collection of images featuring the Marvel character Thor and his companions.  The software can display a slideshow of pictures from comics, posters, concept art and movie stills,accompanied by the Thor theme song. A calendar and a clock can also be displayed on the screen while he screensaver is active. The slideshow can easily be customized, from the Settings window. You may thus set the period of time your computer remains idle before the screensaver automatically opens,  as well as the duration of each slide. The order of display for the slides can be sequential or random. Moreover, the images can automatically be resized when the screensaver is active. Amazing full-screen picture slide show screensaver that demonstrates enhanced features,All the latest graphics,theme,song  including cool 3d & constant movement effects. includes clock calendar OTHER OPTIONS & SETTINGS