Deadnaut: Signal Lost


From the developer of cult hits Deadnaut, Zafehouse Diaries and Fear Equation comes Deadnaut: Signal Lost. In this slick, fast-paced roguelike you’ll take control of a single Deadnaut, unlock suit upgrades and abilities, fight cosmic horrors, and investigate drifting wrecks and abandoned moons. But remember: your Deadnaut is not your friend – earn their trust, do your job well, and they might return the favour.

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Fast roguelike gameplay

Equip your Deadnaut with a wide array of weapons and gear and lead them through a series of procedurally generated missions, fighting where you can – and running when you must.

Dark universe

The cosmos is tearing itself apart. Wrecks are full of horrible, interdimensional creatures, the dead roam surfaces of moons, and you’re being hunted by technically advanced soldiers. Experience the world of Deadnaut up close.

Trust issues

Your Deadnaut may not like the idea of being torn apart by unknown horrors. If you do a good job, they'll happily accompany you. If not, pay them off or turn them into a mindless space golem. But remember: everything has a price.

Tactics, upgrades and customisation

Tailor your armour and damage potential, develop your Deadnaut, and discover powerful combinations and synergies among over 100 upgrades.