SeedCode Implementation & Mods - Hourly


SeedCode's products are designed to be modified and we believe it's important for folks to get in there, get their hands dirty, and make changes themselves. This way you truly own the code and aren't afraid to modify it in the future.

If you're a hands on person, buying the product and diving in may be all you need. Otherwise you can purchase an implementation package for help, coaching, or having SeedCode do integration and mods for you.

It all starts with purchasing a block of time. You can use that for anything from coaching to mods: whatever you need to get up and running, and to make the most of your FileMaker solution...

  • migrating your data from older solutions
  • troubleshooting the integration of SeedCode into your file
  • brainstorming
  • needs analysis
  • mods & customizations
  • coaching (helping you learn to customize SeedCode)

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