SeedCode Complete: Vertical Market License



Vertical Market License permits world-wide multi-site distribution of SeedCode Complete tightly integrated into your own solution. (In contrast to the single site licenses.) See our Licensing Page for more information.

Integrating contact management, project management, gantt charts, invoicing and calendaring in a straight forward, unlocked file. This is a completely unlocked, multi-user solution you use to jump start new work.

You can rely on our online documentation for answers to common installation and modification questions, or look to our online forums for questions and answers posted by other SeedCode Calendar users.


This vertical market license includes the unlocked SeedCode Complete framework plus a license for 999 users at each of your customer's sites.

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Includes DayBack Calendar

  • DayBack Calendar is included and tightly integrated into Complete: this is a vertical market license of DayBack. $0.00

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