PoolParty Academy Training Bundle 1


The PoolParty Training Bundle 1 includes the Semantic Web Training and the Knowledge Engineering Training.

Semantic Web Training: You will know all relevant Semantic Web methodologies and concepts. You will be able to relate business challenges with semantic technology solutions. You will have a specialised technical vocabulary that enables you to communicate with Semantic Web experts and benefit from their solution approaches.

Knowledge Engineering: You will apply your Semantic Web knowledge and work productively with PoolParty Semantic Suite. After successful completion of the course, you will be able to build knowledge models and use advanced functionalities as Linked Data Management and Text mining to accelerate the modelling process. You will be granted the certificate ” Knowledge Engineering Specialist”.

This bundle includes:
+ PoolParty Semantic Web Training
+ PoolParty Knowledge Engineering Training

It also includes access to a dedicated PoolParty Server for learning purposes.