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The Reality Augmenter


A projection mapping utility for DJs and Visual Artists. Using a projector, you can use the Reality Augmenter to precisely map video sources to real world surfaces to create stunning and immersive environments. Use for presentations, advertising, displays, any situation you want to incorporate live visuals, but not use TVs or Monitors.

You can try the Reality Augmenter for free before purchase, opening and saving new setups is disabled and the application will run for 1/2 hour without any other restrictions. Due to the nature of the software, video processing demands considerable processing power, please make sure try the free app to see if your computer can handle what you have in mind.

The Reality Augmenter currently provides live Screen Capture, Video and Syphon sources. Sources can be optionaly processed using built in filters, or using custom Quartz Composer files. Projection mapping currently only supports quads, with optional masks. Multiple sources can be blended together for each quad.

Planned updates include more sources, such as photos, slide shows, web streaming and whatever else I can think of. More filters, more flexibility, I'm open to suggestions.