Signature Solo


The uniquely integrated design and production RIP software with the state of the art printing technology. Shiraz signature RIP is the ideal solution for the start up market running one large format printer. It shares the same proven server technology as its bigger brethren with a sophisticated layout module seamlessly integrated to it. All major functionalities expected from a high end RIP software are included as standard. Easy and economical upgrade path to the Shiraz RIP Server ensures future proof investment.

Signature Solo

  • $975.00 Signature Mini - Printers up to 25" wide
  • $1,425.00 Signature Midi - Printers up to 50" wide
  • $1,875.00 Signature Maxi - Printers up to 100" wide


  • $150.00 Hot Folder Plugin - Create and manage multiple hot folders for automated workflows
  • $150.00 Color Module - Manipulate and edit media profiles