Simple GIS Collaborate Plugin for Simple GIS Client


Simple GIS Collaborate is a plugin extension for the Simple GIS Client desktop GIS application. Simple GIS Collaborate allows users to easily publish Maps and related documents from Simple GIS Client as web mapping applications. These web mapping applications can be shared across the internet with other users that can access the web map using common web browsers across multiple devices. In addition, users can also publish maps from Simple GIS Client as portable map documents that can be shared with other users and opened using the free Simple Map Viewer application. In either case, Simple GIS Collaborate allows you to easily share your Simple GIS Client maps with client, colleagues, or the public. Simple GIS Collaborate also supports work order generation and processing. With Simple GIS Collaborate, users can set up a full work order process to collect and manage their GIS data across their team. Even with remote teams, Simple GIS Collaborate provides an effective and in-expensive solution to manage your GIS data.