Simple GIS Collaborate Plugin for Simple GIS Client


Simple GIS Collaborate is a plugin extension for the Simple GIS Client desktop GIS application. Simple GIS Collaborate was designed to allow users to package and share entire projects or individual data layers with other Simple GIS Client users. When you create a project or layer package with Simple GIS Collaborate, it generates a single self contained and compressed file of your project and all data. You can generate this file within a local folder on your pc or alternatively, publish the file to a folder in your Dropbox account using the built in Dropbox integration of Simple GIS Collaborate. You could then email this file (depending on size) or share this file with your entire team using a common Dropbox account or a shared Dropbox folder in your account. Any other team member running Simple GIS Client with the Simple GIS Collaborate plugin extension could download this file from Dropbox and load it onto their pc for use. Or consider the following scenario, you have a Simple GIS project file or special shapefile or other data layer you've been working in on your dekstop pc. However, you will be working remotely over the next week and would like to have the Simple GIS project file and data to work on your laptop while you're away. With Simple GIS Collaborate, you would simply package and publish your Simple GIS project to your Dropbox account. Then on your laptop, you could launch Simple GIS Client and using your Simple GIS Collaborate extension, download and unpackage your project file including all associated data to the folder of your choice on your laptop. You could then continue to work in your Simple GIS project for the remainder of the week. If you've made changes or edits to your data while working on your laptop then simply repackage and publish your packaged project file from your laptop back to your Dropbox account where it will be ready when you return to your desktop pc. Simple GIS Collaborate is intended to simplify the process of sharing Simple GIS projects and data with other users or machines.