3-BP SB vs Free Pos by Dyrdom1 and Winged_Guy

$99.00 $89.10

  • Legenden Discount

3bet-pot SB vs Free_position (especially SB vs BU) is the closest spot to ideal GTO on any given limit. Thus If you play nl50 and try to discover Solvers, this pack is a great starting point since it does make sense to begin with a spot where GTO-concepts are implemented the most in real games. At the same time if you play nl200 this pack would help you bring your skills to perfection through a number of drills and regular trainings. Moreover, this pack includes spots where RFI-range is 12%, so it fits 9max players as well as 6max. You’ll find a detailed breakdown of spots based on position (SB vs EP_9max, SB vs MP, SB vs HJ, SB vs CO, SB vs BU), cbet size (33%, 50%, 66%, 99%) and board texture (high, mid, low). These spots combine for 35 regular trainings (you play entire hand) as well as 70 drill trainings (you only play one of four main situations: SB c-bet, SB 2-barrel, SB play after missed flop c-bet, IP player facing c-bet).