- A license is permanent and includes one year maintenance updates.

* SketchUp 2021 is required to run Skalp 2021, SketchUp 2020 is required to run Skalp 2020, SketchUp 2019 is required to run Skalp 4.0, 2018 is required to run Skalp 3.0. SketchUp Pro 2014/2015/2016/2017 or SketchUp Make 2014/2015/2016/2017 required to run Skalp 2.0. . Only 64-bit is supported. Mac OSX 10.9 (or higher) or Windows (7, 8 or higher. Windows XP, Vista not supported) + Internet Explorer 10 or higher

Disclaimer: By purchasing this product you acknowledge the following: You will need to accept any further disclaimers shipped with the product before use. Product is provided to you only as a digital download, no box or cd will be shipped. Ordering this product includes one year maintenance updates, starting from the date of purchase. You are buying a permanent license which will be valid for all Skalp versions released up until one year from your date of purchase. Once your one year maintenance will have passed, you will still be able to run a Skalp version released before the end of your maintenance period, however you will not be able to run newer releases unless you buy an additional maintenance periode for your license. Please contact us at support@skalp4sketchup.com before purchasing if you need further information regarding these conditions.