Camtasia Depth-of-Field Intro Templates


Camtasia Depth-of-Field Intro Templates

New Camtasia template available. Depth-of-Field, or DOF, Logo Intro Template Collection. The collection includes three different logo intros with depth-of-field effects, three depth-of-field text templates and a lower-third dof bonus. Sound effects are also included. Check out the preview video below for more.

Depth-of-Field or DOF, is an effect you normally see in photographs taken by shallow depth-of-field lenses, where part of the image is out of focus while other parts are sharp.

We have here re-created this effect inside Camtasia, so you can use your logotype and create for example logo intros. Sound effects, texts etc. are also included.

All resources have been carefully developed and timed to match each other in order to create a fluid presentation.