Mogwai Amp


For a limited time: includes Amarra sQ+, a $50 value!
**Ships only within the United States**

The Mogwai Amp offers more than an entry point for tube amps, but a hybrid product, meant for serious headphone and speaker use. The Mogwai offers 3 watts/channel making it appropriate for 95db loudspeakers in both a desktop near field set-up or traditional set-up. Mogwai is a tube rollers dream with access to limitless options of NOS tube choices.

Key Features of the AmpsandSound Mogwai:

  • • Custom wound ultra-high quality US sourced transformers
  • • 32 ohm 1⁄4” headphone output jack
  • • 8 ohm speaker output with five-way binding posts
  • • ALPS volume pot
  • • Choke filtered power supply
  • • Custom walnut chassis with ebony corners and hand-rubbed finish
  • • Triode strapped output
  • • Easy to drive input

The Mogwai is unique because combines the features of a full-sized two-channel power amplifier and headphone amplifier in a chassis that is suitable for a desktop use.


  • • Input impedance is 10K ohm with alps pot, .5v for full power.
  • • Noise with pot fully counterclockwise is 500 micro volts RMS
  • • Measured with 6550 output tubes on 1/4″ 32ohm optimized headphone jack.
  • • 500mW RMS output 20 Hz (-2db) to 17.7 kHz (-3db)
  • • Measured with 6550 output tubes on 8-ohm tap.
  • • 3W RMS output 30 Hz (-1db) to 20 kHz (-2db)