Save time and money with the easiest to use pro audio cleaner available. SoundSoap 5 includes everything you need to automagically fix audio problems in your media files, and works on both Mac and Windows. This easy upgrade from previous SoundSoap, SoundSoap Pro, or SoundSaver only requires the email address you used to register your old software (you won't need old installations or serial numbers). More Info

SoundSoap+ adds additional controls, including broadband noise reduction range, downward expander, hum harmonics, enhancement presets, lo/hi cut filter controls, and more! More Info

"Soundness has really knocked it out of the park with SoundSoap+ 5, an ambitious new version that offers more powerful audio restoration controls while breathing new life into the existing tools." -MacWorld March 2016

"The results were fantastic. No other consumer-level program removes as much noise while still leaving the material recognizable." - PC World Magazine

"… the best money I've ever spent to save my favorite music. Unbeatable!" - Amazon customer review

"…it is a must-have piece of software." - Radio World Magazine

"SoundSoap 4 represents an elegant and affordable solution." - Sound on Sound, April 2015


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