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iLok activation codes are issued automatically after purchase. The rental period begins from the time the activation code is redeemed and will continue to work when a major application update is released.
EdiCue - 31 day rental$190.00
Create ADR cues within Pro Tools or Nuendo to export PDF cue sheets and a variety of files to automate the recording process. [Mac/Win]
EdiPrompt - 31 day rental$165.00
Display visual overlays to cue actors or foley artists during record and automate the recording process in Pro Tools. [Mac only]
EdiLoad - 31 day rental$190.00
The sound editor's workflow toolkit that can compare edit lists, re-conform a Pro Tools session, assemble location WAV files and export a variety of files to aid the sound post-production process. [Mac/Win]
EdiChart - 31 day rental$115.00
Create PDF Dubbing Charts of Pro Tools sessions or export clip data as a delimited text file or Excel file [Mac/Win]

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