DBA Security Advisor (Enterprise Edition)


DBA Security Advisor is a powerful security tool that can assess SQL Server instances against a rich set of security checks and detect potential security risks that may have to do with the configuration of your SQL Server instances. Furthermore, it provides recommendations as well as remediation methods and scripts. All the security checks and recommendations are based on proven security best practices which can help you secure your SQL Server instances and thus protect your data more efficiently (learn more...).

Current Version and Build:
- v2.3
- Build_20220523_1
- Release Date: May. 23, 2022.

Type of Purchase:
- Digital Product

What you get in the Enterprise Edition:
- Scan multiple instances
- Access to all security checks
- Security recommendations
- Remediation scripts
- Report History
- Program Options
- All security report features
- No functionality limitations
- No time limitations
- Free lifetime updates
- …and much more!

Screenshot: SQLNetHub DBA Security Advisor.

Note: A single license can only be used for activating the Enterprise Edition of DBA Security Advisor on a single machine. For activating the Enterprise Edition on more machines, you will need to purchase additional licenses.

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