In-Memory OLTP Simulator (Ultimate Edition)


In-Memory OLTP Simulator enables the IT Professional and Developer to easily test the powerful In-Memory OLTP Engine of SQL Server 2014® (or later) with different simulations and against different workloads. In the Ultimate Edition of the tool, among other, the user can load data from different sources (i.e. data from Production databases using Linked Servers) into the Simulator’s database, simulate real-life scenarios with the use of custom scenarios as well as get in-depth analytics (learn more...).

Current Version and Build:
- v2.0
- Build_20230325_1
- Release Date: Apr. 04, 2023.

Type of Purchase:
- Digital Product

What you get in the Ultimate Edition:
- Create, modify and use multiple custom scenarios
- Executive report
- Export scenarios and benchmarks to DDL scripts
- No functionality limitations
- No time limitations
- Free lifetime updates
- …and much more!

Highly Recommended:
- Enroll to our online course "How to Boost SQL Server Database Performance with In-Memory OLTP"

Note: A single license can only be used for activating the Ultimate Edition of In-Memory OLTP Simulator on a single machine. For activating the Ultimate Edition on more machines, you will need to purchase more licenses.

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