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SDI Tools 4: Apogee + Triptych


Apogee v4 Includes Sensitivity Analysis, Monte Carlo, Allocation, Optimization.

Triptych v4 Includes Affinity Diagram, QFD, AHP (Importance), TRIZ, Pugh Matrix, TOPSIS, SDI Matrix, FMEA, Requirements, Boundary Diagram, Parameter Diagram, Enhanced FMEA, Risk Summary, and Risk Action-Tracker.

License includes Distribution Explorer, Reliability Test Designer, and PNC Test Calculator as well.

License Options

  • $1,129.00 Apogee + Triptych v4 Perpetual License (Never Expires)
    Single-User Perpetual license for Apogee + Triptych v4 that never expires. Free updates to minor releases (4.X) and reduced upgrade fees for future major releases.
  • $499.00 Apogee + Triptych v4 Annual License (1 Year)
    Single-User license for Apogee + Triptych v4 that expires one year from the purchase date. Includes free updates on major and minor releases for the duration of the one-year license period.