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SDI Tools 4: Triptych


Triptych v4 Includes Affinity Diagram, QFD, AHP (Importance), TRIZ, Pugh Matrix, TOPSIS, SDI Matrix, FMEA, Requirements, Boundary Diagram, Parameter Diagram, Enhanced FMEA, Risk Summary, and Risk Action-Tracker.

Also includes Distribution Explorer, Reliability Test Designer, and PNC Test Calculator.

License Options

  • $749.00 Triptych v4 Perpetual License (Never Expires)
    Single-User Perpetual license for Triptych v4 that never expires. Free updates to minor releases (4.X) and reduced upgrade fees for future major releases.
  • $329.00 Triptych v4 Annual License (1 Year)
    Single-User Annual license for Triptych v4 that expires one year from the purchase date. Includes free updates on major and minor releases for the duration of the one-year license period.