Semiconductor Etchants


Semiconductor Etchants is a collection of 10,362 etching solution or etchants (recipes) collected from the journals and books from about 1960 to the year 2020. Database is searchable with the usual keyword search or by material name (e.g. Ga, Ge, Si, etc.), type of sample (layer, single crystal, thin film, wafer), method of etching (dry etching and wet etching) and etchant name (e.g. CP-4, DHF, HNA, etc.). All information herein is a extracted from open literature, and is a orginally written by the authors, from the source references cited. Many of the etching solutions in the database reperesent a safety hazard, not only from the type chemicals involved, but their temperature, type reactions, methods of applications and so forth. Safety procedures are not specifically discussed in this database, but individuals should be sufficiently knowledgeable and and instructed prior to handling metals, chemicals, gases and solutions in this regard. We hope that this database makes your professional life more productive and easily.