Classical Text Editor



Individual License

Permanent; includes minor upgrades.


Volume Pricing Available


Premium License

Permanent; includes minor and major upgrades.


Volume Pricing Available

Institutional Licenses

With one basic license, additional licenses may always be purchased for a greatly discounted price.
Permanent; includes minor upgrades.




Is renewed yearly. Includes minor and major upgrades - you'll always have the latest product.

$45.00 Yearly / First Year $219.00

Volume Pricing Available

$45.00 Yearly / First Year $120.00

Please note that subscriptions require payment by credit card.


Please access upgrade discounts from your licensed installation, menu:
Help - Licensing or
Help - Upgrade to the latest version (v.8 - if you don't see this option, you may need to update first: Help - Update).

License usage: Each license may be used by a single person on up to three machines, or by several persons on a single machine.

Further discounts: If you think you might be eligible for a discount (e.g. residence in a weak-currency country / usage for charitable work), please contact us.