DX10 Cloud Shadows


Increase the atmosphere of Microsoft FSX by adding shadows to clouds.

NOTE: This is an addon to DX10Scenery Fixer and will not work without it.

Compatibility and Requirements

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 all 32/64 bit. (Windows XP does not support DX10 and so is not supported!)

Microsoft FSX SP2,Gold or Acceleration.

Dovetail Steam Edition is supported only insofar as the DX10 Shaders and interface remain the same as in the Gold Edition.

Not compatible with Reshade version 3.

Compatible with FSL Spotlights build 26 (but not earlier builds)

A copy of DX10SceneryFixer is required and you must update to 3.3 build 103 or later.

Note that if you do not yet have the fixer that it is cheaper to buy the fixer first and select the bundle with cloud shadows.