1973 Character Equalizer


The Neve* 1073 is probably one of the best large-format console channel modules ever made. Punchy, detailed…it was almost impossible to make it sound bad…for its time. Let’s not debate about large chunks of iron and wax/paper versus electrolytic caps…let’s talk about the sheer genius involved in picking the proper EQ frequencies, bandwidths, and slopes. THIS is where 1973 is coming from…not an emulation, but a tribute. Taking the best features and reducing them down to their essence…then making it utterly transparent and smooth. Dial in some high end. No, more than that…c’mon, more. What? Are you afraid of that knob or something…GIVE IT A TWIST, I SAID! Magic. THAT’s what separates the men from the boys in EQs like this…the ability to drop in staggering amounts of smooth, detailed HF boost without shredding eardrums.

License Type

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