Event Horizon Peak-Eating Limiter


Event Horizon is a “Peak-Eating Limiter”…huh? Well, maybe a better description is that it’s a clipper with an optional soft-clip circuit. By truncating waveforms short of where the DAC would go into clipping, you can get VERY transparent loudness increases; unlike most limiters, Event Horizon does this with ZERO pumping, ZERO transient or frequency artifacts, and with ZERO latency. Now, it may not let you be louder than the latest “flavor of the month” “mastering” limiter, but within its range of operation, you WILL get an unsurpassed natural sound. Its output is what comes into it…only louder. If you push it too hard, it will tell you in no uncertain terms that this is no longer the right tool for the job. Give it a try…it’s fantastically easy to use, and it sounds great! We've also added a Limiter mode which adds a new spin to the traditional lookahead limiter that can allow more gain reduction than a clipper, yet still remain VERY transparent. Give it a try. We’ve made it a separate download and plugin name (Event Horizon+) since the VST parameters are different and we didn’t want to break your existing projects. If you are purchasing or have purchased this plugin previously, the same key will work for both plugins…two for the price of one!

License Type

Note: The "Reaper-only, non-commercial use" license is only for those using Cockos, Inc.'s DAW, REAPER, and using it in non-commercial projects (you do not derive revenue directly or indirectly from the use of the plugin). Using a plugin with a Reaper-only license in any other DAW will result in the plugin showing as unregistered.
  • All hosts, commercial use $39.00
  • Reaper-only, non-commercial use $25.00