Transient Monster


This is simplicity itself. It will save your drum mixes. Two controls: Attack, and Sustain. I would explain more, but you know…I really don’t have to. Put it on your drum buss. Turn the knobs…you WILL understand, and you will thank me later. Okay, okay…have you ever had a drum performance that was REALLY laying down the groove, but the recorded drum sound just didn’t SNAP? Turn up the attack. Need those ride cymbals to really ring instead of just dying down into the mush? Turn up the sustain. Too much bleed and ring getting into your drum tracks? Turn DOWN the sustain. See? I knew I didn’t really have to explain it to you.

License Type

Note: The "Reaper-only, non-commercial use" license is only for those using Cockos, Inc.'s DAW, REAPER, and using it in non-commercial projects (you do not derive revenue directly or indirectly from the use of the plugin). Using a plugin with a Reaper-only license in any other DAW will result in the plugin showing as unregistered.
  • All hosts, commercial use $49.00
  • Reaper-only, non-commercial use $25.00