Payment Help

How long is this license valid?

It is valid for the subscription period you purchase. It is a single user, single PC license. Upgrades are free for all valid subscriptions.

How can I renew the subscription?

Subscription can be auto renewed. You can inform us at anytime if you want to discontinue subscription. You will receive a message when the subscription is about to expire. Then you can follow the instructions on that email or visit this webpage and renew the subscription.

What modes of payment are available?

You can make payment using credit card or debit card. We use industry-standard encryption to protect the confidentiality of your personal information.

How to make payment using debit card?

To pay using debit card, enter the card details just as a credit card.

What happens after payment is complete?

After you complete the payment you will receive an email with the license key. It typically doesn't take more than an hour. Use the license key in the online activation form that appears when you open the software to activate your copy online.

StockwareData Subscription

$0.00 Monthly

You are about to purchase monthly subscription of StockwareData.

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16 Data channels are available, each for Rs.250 per month per channel.
Select the channels from the checkbox below.

Please fill out the details like email and phone number and once the payment is complete, you will receive a receipt. We will email you with the license key within a few hours. Auto renewal of subscription is enabled.

Select Channels

  • EQUITY EOD $0.00 Monthly
  • EQUITY INTRADAY $0.00 Monthly
  • CNX200 EOD $0.00 Monthly
  • CNX200 INTRADAY $0.00 Monthly
  • INDEX EOD $0.00 Monthly
  • INDEX INTRADAY $0.00 Monthly
  • FUTURES EOD $0.00 Monthly
  • FUTURES INTRADAY $0.00 Monthly
  • OPTIONS EOD $0.00 Monthly
  • OPTIONS INTRADAY $0.00 Monthly
  • CURRENCY EOD $0.00 Monthly
  • CURRENCY INTRADAY $0.00 Monthly
  • MCX COMMODITY EOD $0.00 Monthly
  • MCX COMMODITY INTRADAY (delayed) $0.00 Monthly
  • NCDEX COMMODITY EOD $0.00 Monthly