Flash Bus Video Edition


Scenes and lessons from the most acclaimed and talked about tour of 2011! On this downloadable video, you get both sessions -- Hobby and McNally -- in their entirety.

Morning Session: David "Strobist" Hobby

If you are going to drive, you should know how to drive stick. So the morning is spent lighting in manual mode.

We start small with a 4-light headshot, learning to control the scene by adding one light at a time. Then we take those same principles and export them into other settings -- an outdoor portrait at midday, a table-top, a big dark room, a shower stall (with water) and finally, into the woods at dusk.

For all of these situations, simple or complex, we use the same approach. Control the ambient, then add one light at a time.

Afternoon Session: Joe "Numnuts" McNally

After learning to drive stick, in the afternoon we go automatic and get out on the high wire of TTL. Using members of the audience, we craft spontaneous lighting solutions, talking our way through each setup, mixing TTL and manual (oh my!) approaches, going from one light on the hot shoe to four and five lights on sticks, fitted with lots of different light modifiers.

It's location photography -- with all its wonderful possibilities and chaos, right there on stage.

And with this being Hobby and McNally, the entire day is completely serious, steeped in utter formality with no fun or irreverence whatsoever. Kidding.


This 1.5Gb download contains over five hours of video. It is formatted to be watched on your computer or portable device.