The Music Teacher's Manual


Finally a book that will teach you how to become a private music teacher! This book will give you great insight into the world of teaching. Students are everywhere and The Music Teacher's Manual will show you how to find them, keep them, and develop them into fine musicians...and you will make money doing it !!! The Music Teacher's Manual will help you understand the entire process of teaching…from how to get your first student, to writing and even publishing your own method book. We will cover several ideas and approaches on specific teaching techniques, as well as lesson procedures, personal programs, advertising, dealing with the psychology of each individual student, and much much more! Just so you fully understand, this book teaches you how to teach. It is NOT a book that gives you exercises and scales, but rather it teaches you the techniques and protocol behind teaching. Learn what you should look for to improve your students' performance, and create a lucrative and prosperous new business.