This sales channel is currently not available.
Please use the Mac App Store for your purchase. If the Mac App Store is not an option, contact the developer using the corresponding function in the app's Help menu.

Please select the product you want to purchase. For each app you will receive a separate purchase confirmation email with your license code to unlock the software and a link to a printable invoice. Depending on you region, the prices are gross prices that include sales taxes (e.g. VAT & GST) which can be detucted if you provide a valid VAT ID.

Licenses are permanent and never expire (no monthly or annual fee). Individuals who want to use a product for personal use only are allowed to run the software on up to 5 computers per household. Businesses are required to purchase a copy for each seat.

Volume Purchases: From a quantity of 2 copies, the price is degressive. The larger the quantity, the cheaper the unit price will be. You can set the quantity in the next step, independently for each product. The license code you will receive is valid for all purchased units, you will not receive a separate code for each unit.

Please note that refunds can only be granted in exceptional cases, as all products can be tested for an unlimited period of time before purchase. Therefore, please make sure that you have tested the software thoroughly before buying it.