Stargate Top Up Credits


    StarGate Top Up Credits

  • This is for topping up credits if you do not have enough credits left on your subscription or on the free account.
  • Top ups are sold in 100 credit packs.The basic display price is for 1 unit of 100 credits. For example, if you need 200 credits, purchase 2 units of 100 credits.
  • StarGate detects when someone clicked on your Facebook Ad and informs you by email. It can also add the information in a Google spreadsheet and other internet apps.
  • Stargate parses email and extracts required fields from it.
  • It can automatically detect most fields in emails and automatically create rules for them.
  • Rules can be added, deleted or edited.
  • Stargate sends the extracted data to Google Sheets and/or to other applications
  • Stargate allows multiple connections to other applications from one email. This means that different parts of the same email can be send to different destinations/apps.

Important Note!

Before placing an order - You must have a free or subscription account to place a Top Up Credit order. Please make sure you use the same email address as your free or subscription account in the order!

Credits do not expire and cannot be exchanged for cash. All credits will be forfeited if you remove your account.

After purchase, your account will be topped up automatically with the purchased credits.

Refresh your browser to see the correct number of credits you have on your account.