Salvage Trader


A game of exploration, trade, retro fun and fighting space pirates!

As the sole survivor of a vicious space pirate attack on your small home colony, you have sworn revenge against the pirate king behind it. And so, you seek to join the only organization strong enough to oppose the pirates, the Salvager's Guild. With only a small ship and your life savings to start, you must complete missions, gather resources and fight hard to become a Salvage Trader.

This is a casual take on classic, strategic space traders. It is made to be played through in 3-4 hours of gameplay, or longer, if you prefer to take it easy and spend more time building up your ship. Salvage Trader has many nods to old skool arcade games, puzzles and science fiction classics.

This is an early release, which means things are bound to change with every update.


✔ Space pirate fights!
✔ 20 mission campaign.
✔ 5 built-in mini games.
✔ 6 different ship classes.
✔ 25 interlinked maps to traverse.
✔ Random NPC encounters.
✔ Gather resources.
✔ Upgrade your ship.

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