Digital Photography Superguide


For our first TechHive Superguide we’ve focused on how to improve your photography experience, no matter what device you use! Smartphones have increasingly become that ubiquitous camera, and most of today’s smartphones specs you might have found in a point-and-shoot a few years ago. But whether the camera in your hand is a smartphone or a $1000 DSLR, the focus of this book remains the same: to help you get the most out of your camera.

  • Digital Photography Superguide (PDF) $9.99
  • Digital Photography Super Guide (PDF/ePub/MOBI Bundle) $12.99
    NOTE: This Superguide is available as a PDF/ePub/MOBI .zip bundle. To purchase and download it, you'll need to be on a Mac or PC--mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone cannot open .zip files. But you can open it on your Mac or PC, and transfer it to a variety of devices. Learn more by checking out our Read Me. If you'd like to purchase and read our Superguide directly on your iPad, we suggest that you get it as a PDF.