Ternarylogic Freemat/Matlab® Programs and Presentations


Implementations of non-binary logic machines are explained in a set of presentations and are illustrated by easy to follow Freemat/Matlab® programs. The content of the package covers matter as disclosed in 40 issued US Patents owned by Ternarylogic LLC. Both the presentations and the Matlab® programs greatly facilitate the assessment of the Ternarylogic IP Portfolio and make the matters of the US Patents more accessible. It reduces the time and effort to analyze the content of the Patent Portfolio and allows testing certain concepts to determine possible future use and potential infringement risks. This package is intended to be used by professionals.

Please, read the Ternarylogic Package License Agreement before you order.

You may request, after ordering, a set of 23 video lectures in mp4 format on a memory stick, which will be sent by surface mail at no extra charge.

The package contains: (a) presentations; (b) 24 chapters of Freemat/Matlab programs; (c) a copy of the eBook: The Logic of More; (d) a tutorial on non-binary shift register applications; and (f) a Help page.