2016. 9 songs, 38 minutes. Acoustic guitars and Dobro with light percussion, lap steel, piano, hammond organ, synth, some electric guitars (Antonio Gramentieri), bass clarinet, saxophone, etc. Vocals front and center. Sparse but still detailed productions. Recorded in Italy. Produced by Antonio Gramentieri. Price includes shipment.
2013. 8 songs, 45 minutes. 6 panel digipak and booklet. Guitar, bass, drums and vocals. A little harmonica, pedal steel and keyboards. Big, open sounding minimalistic recording. Price includes shipment.
1979 unreleased "live" studio recording from Denver, Colorado. Limited edition release from Glitterhouse Records of Terry Lee Hale and Becca Sarow. 8 songs, 32 minutes. Terry Lee Hale-acoustic guitar and vocals, Becca Sarow- vocals. Mastered from cassette.
2010. 10 songs, 32 minutes. Instrumental only album. Classical, 6 and 12-string guitars and Dobro. 5 solo guitar numbers and 5 ensemble pieces. Recorded at my own home studio.
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2007. 11 songs, 43 minutes. Solid songwriting framed with “modern” studio productions. A mixed bag of rock, acoustic, loud and soft arrangements.
2004. 10 songs, 45 minutes. Acoustic band (contra bass, drums and guitars) arrangements. Nice variety of music. A ‘quiet’ record.
2004. 19 songs, 58 minutes. It was a limited edition CD. Concert, club and radio performances.
2003 10 songs, 36 minutes. One guitar, harmonica and vocals. Recorded and mixed by Tucker Martine. Produced by Chris Eckman. A private solo concert in your own home.
1999. 10 songs, 36 minutes. TLH with 5 piece Bretagne Celtic flavored rock and roll band. My more rocking record.
1996 release. 14 songs, 48 minutes. European music styles meet American. A mélange of songs and instrumentation. Rich, complex and varied. Self-produced album recorded in Seattle, WA. by Kevin Suggs. Featuring TLH: harmonica, vocals, guitars; Jon Hyde: bass; Sean Sippel: drums; Bruce Wirth: violins, accordion, harmonium, organ, lap steel, mandolin.
1995 release. Terry Lee Hale travels to Athens, Georgia to record his solo masterpiece with producer John Keane (REM, Nanci Griffith, Widespread Panic, 10,000 Maniacs, etc.).
1995. 16 songs, 58 minutes. Early unreleased recordings (1986-1992). Mostly solo acoustic songs but also a klezmer band, keyboard, accordian arrangements, etc. Produced by either Bruce Calder, Chris Eckman or Jack Endino. This was a limited release of 1,000 copies, Glitterhouse Records issued.
1994. 11 songs, 42 minutes. Produced by Chris Eckman. Americana Western (NOT country-western) feel. Mostly band arrangements (contra bass, pedal steel guitar, mandolin, keyboards, some electric guitar ect.). .mp3 and .wav music files and .jpg album cover art.
1993 10 songs, 36 minutes. Acoustic guitar, vocals and a variety of loud and soft arrangements with acoustic and electric instruments. My first label release. Produced by Chris Eckman, Johnny Rubato in Seattle WA.