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Fusion Essentials - Guide to Melodic Minor


Weighing in at 2.5 hours this is Tom's biggest and best tutorial to date. Fusion Essentials - Guide to Melodic Minor focuses on this fantastic scale and it's modes allowing you to fully utilise and understand their application in modern harmony, soloing and chord progressions. If you have a desire to create the most modern and 'hip' fusion or jazz sounds within your playing and have always wanted to master the melodic minor scale then this tutorial will help you to fulfil those goals. Tom teaches each of the seven modes in great detail with close up, high definition shots of both the left and right hand with full harmonic applications and improvised example solos and grooves, all transcribed in over 29 pages of TAB for both standard and Tom's 4ths tuning. You will learn a huge number of licks, lines and chord progressions that are instantly applicable and will make your playing sound better than ever before.

Included in the package: -

2.5 hour HD video

29 pages of transcribed lines, licks, scales and chords (standard and 4ths tuning)

Scale Formula Reference Chart

Altered Chord Supplement

All this for just $35 - making it Tom's best value lesson so far.

Instant Download available now!

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