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Tom Quayle Masterclass March 2013


Filmed in March 2013, this 3 hour 20 min masterclass covers Phrasing, Creating your own lines/voice, Changing and controlling sub-divisions, Playing outside, Playing over Changes, Melodic minor harmony and more. Tom teaches all the ideas in a very clear and concise manner with loads of playing examples and improvisations plus some inspirational performances. If you always wanted to attend one of Tom's masterclasses but couldn't for whatever reason, now is your chance to experience one and learn for yourself.

Includes 2 Videos @ around 1hr 40m each TABs for some of the examples from the class

iOS, Windows, OSX compatible .m4v video at 640x480, 30fps.

Instant Download available now for only $25.00

Minimum system specs for video (1.8Ghz Single Core CPU, OSX 10.4 or higher, Windows XP SP2 or higher)

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