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Fusion Essentials - Contemporary II-V-I Lines


The II-V-I progression is the most important chord progression in fusion and jazz but how do you make it sound hip, modern and contemporary whilst retaining a rock/funk edge? Here are a ton of awesome sounding fusion licks with full transcriptions and recordings designed to take your fusion playing to the next level over this most vital of chord sequences.

Every fusion player should know his way around a II-V-I and these exciting and challenging licks will give you the inspiration and knowledge needed to sound like a modern fusion player.

Includes PDF transcription file, mp3 file for each lick and explanation booklet outlining the though process behind each lick and the theory required.

All this for just $20.00!

Instant Download in PDF and MP3 format. (.zip file)

This is a text, audio and notation based tutorial with no video content.

Designed by Tom Quayle - 2013