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Fusion Essentials - Soloing Over Dominant 7th Chords


This latest tutorial in the 'Fusion Essentials' range is the longest yet covering the often complex and confusing topic of 'Soloing over Dominant 7th chords.' Dominant 7th's are the corner-stone of fusion and jazz in that they are the tension building devices used by musicians to create a multitude of fantastic sounding lines and phrases. However, there are many types of Dominant chord and knowing them all and when to use them can be a huge challenge. This tutorial guides you through all the information you need to be able to play over pretty much any Dominant chord you'll ever come across using advanced Mixolydian, Mixolydian b9, Altered, Lydian, Phrygian and Diminished Dominants allowing you to create some fantastic sounding new licks, progressions and sounds that are an essential part of every fusion player's arsenal!

This HUGE tutorial features: - Highly Detailed 26 page PDF Document Full 1080p HD Video With 20 Fantastic Tasty Licks In Depth Theory and Concepts - Broken Down into Bite Size Chunks Scale/Chord Charts for all Required Scales and Chords 15 Quality Backing Tracks to JAM Along To Backing Track Guide Outlining All Required Scales

All this for only $25.00!

Instant Download in .pdf, .mp4 format. (450Mb download - dual core or better CPU required for optimum playback) - $25

Designed by Tom Quayle - 2013