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Technique Essentials - Modern Legato Part 3


Part 3 of Tom's Modern Legato series is finally here and is his biggest tutorial yet. In this 1 hour 50min video lesson, Tom breaks down his methods and thought processes for creating his trademark flowing legato lines, bringing together all of the knowledge and technical skills from parts 1 and 2 into a fantastic resource for developing a modern legato style in any genre. Tom focuses on a detailed but easy to understand fragment approach to line construction and also tackles rhythmic awareness and accuracy, utilising melodic minor scales/modes and using legato in changes based playing. The tutorial includes 14 pages of lines and transcribed solos (in both standard and 4ths tunings) plus backing tracks to practice with. There are hundreds of lines to get to grips and analyse here. Combined with parts one and two this makes for the most comprehensive legato course available!

This video lesson includes: - 1 hour 50 min HD Video. Detailed 14-page PDF transciption Booklet covering all the lines and techniques. Backing Tracks and Drum Beats - inspirational practice aids.

All this for only $30.00!

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Instant Download in .pdf, .mp4 format. (2.1Gb download - dual core or better CPU required for optimum playback) - $30

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