Pink Floyd The Original Seventies DSOTM Tour 2DVD Set


Notes Of Interest: Using Final Cut Pro 7 we edited together digitzed 8mm footage of varyingformats and rendered in 16:9 format. For those that prefer to watch the DVDS on your TVs in full screen go to your TV’s settings and choose the format best suited to fill out the screen. Most TVs have a wide fit or a screen fit mode that should do just fine. Zoom1 is another option.It depends on which model your TV is and what options they offer.Also we usually recommend watching these concert reconstructions in movie mode but we think the colors in this movie are a bit brighter in standard mode. Again it is up to the viewer’s discretion. Disc one: Careful With That Axe, Eugene Obscured By Clouds/When You're In Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun Echoes Disc two: DSOTM Speak To Me Breath On the Run Time Great Gig In The Sky Money Us And Them Any Color You Like Brain Damage/Eclipse One Of These Days