The Who Live at Woodstock & Isle of Wight 1969 Dvd


The long lost never thought to have existed...”The Who Isle of Wight 1969”! This gem is direct from the 1/2 inch open reel it was taped on! Shot in black and white from the left front of the stage,this unknown (until now) footage is a classic and historical treasure! Along with this footage we have also included “Woodstock 1969”. This black and white footage shot from on the stage on Pete’s side is the best we’ve seen as it is a 1st generation master which was transferred to DVCAM from 3/4 inch tape. There is a time code on the bottom but you get past that pretty quickly because this performance smokes! This is the entire Woodstock set except for Shakin’ All Over! Audio is from the soundboard. Summertime Blues and the first part of We're Not Gonna Take It are colorized and were later added from other sources for continuity. Please remember these are not remastered films shot in HD! What they both are, are professionally shot films shot either on the stage or off to the side front of the stage. Both films are one angle. But both are very watchable. While the rare Isle Of Wight footage is a bit grainy, the Woodstock footage is the better quality of the two only offset by a time code towards the bottom of the image but you get over that pretty quickly because they are both incredibly lively performances. We are lucky these precious documents have surfaced after all these years. And that's how they should be treated - as precious documents, specially preserved bits of memories that we can finally see for the first time.