Yes Going For The One Tour & Rehearsals disc two NTSC


Video Download Specifications: Yes - Going For The One Rehearsals & Tour 1976-1977 disc TWO PAL File size - 4.20 gb Est. download time based on 25mbps is about 35 minutes. Times can be faster or slower based on your connection Contents of this download: - Yes Going For The One Rehearsals & Tour 1976-1977 disc TWO PAL format - zip file contains one VIDEO_TS folder and one AUDIO_TS folder, & dvd case artwork Yes - Live 1976-1977 2DVD set features the Going For The One tour rehearsals on disc one and live performance at Glasgow, Scotland on disc two. First time these videos are available with vhs audio dropouts patched up. DVD 2: Live in Glasgow, Scotland, November 8, 1977 Going For The One Tour VHS audio dropouts repaired for DVD. - Shot from the audience center 8mm, very good quality w/camera on tripod for professional looking still picture with skillful zoom & pan work. Yes also is in top form as this is a very good performance with very involved crowd. Great show! 1 - Firebird Suite 2 - Parallels 3 - I've Seen All Good People 4 - Close To The Edge 5 - Wonderous Stories 6 - Colours Of The Rainbow 7 - Turn Of The Century 8 - Tour Song (It's Good To Be In Scotland) 9 - And You And I 10 - Rick's Trick 11 - Going For The One 12 - Flight Jam 13 - Awaken (cut off at end)