Epic Climbing, featuring USA Pro Cycling Challenge footage


The spectacular scenery and exciting racing at the 2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge provides the backdrop and inspiration for this 85-minute Epic Climbing workout. CTS Head Coach Chris Carmichael starts you off with a hard set of max-effort PowerIntervals and then you tackle four ClimbingRepeats with the pro peloton on iconic Rocky Mountain climbs: Cottonwood Pass, Independence Pass, Swan Mountain, and Lookout Mountain! Includes CTS Field Test instructions and calculations, and never broadcast, never-seen-before race footage!

“Four iconic climbs from the 2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge – and never-seen-before race footage – provide the intensity and inspiration for our longest-ever climbing workout video!” – Chris Carmichael

About this video download:

  • Video is a 1.2Gb .mp4 file.
  • 4x3minute PowerIntervals for the power to surge.
  • 4x8minute ClimbingRepeats to develop speed and power for climbing
  • Personalized intensity ranges for cyclists of all ability levels
  • Includes tactics and tips

Video Preview: http://youtu.be/9x3wcj0a-7Y

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