Threshold Power


In this 60-minute session you'll complete a thorough warmup, followed by an innovative interval set called "ThresholdLadders" designed to push your power at lactate threshold higher than ever before. Each interval starts out very hard so you generate a lot of lactate. Then the interval steps down in intensity so you have to continue working hard while still processing the accumulated lactate. The workout concludes with a cool down.

This workout is perfect for all cyclists and triathletes, mountain bikers and century riders. Power at lactate threshold is one of the most trainable aspects of endurance performance, meaning that improving your power at lactate threshold is one of the most effective means of becoming a stronger, faster, and more successful athlete. This workout is extremely effective and a great use of your hour on the trainer.

"Power at lactate threshold is one of the most trainable components of fitness for cyclists and triathletes, and this innovative interval workout will bring your power up to new heights."

– Chris Carmichael, Founder of Carmichael Training Systems

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