aText for macOS - Floating - One year


For macOS only.

If you encounter "You must accept the terms and conditions to continue" error when ordering, please try a different web browser, or use incognito / private mode.

Refund fee is 9% of the order total.

Please try the free trial before you buy aText.

One license is valid for one concurrent user at a time.

Internet connection is required to use Floating license.

After one year, license expires, you won't be charged automatically.

You can activate one license on unlimited computers.

Seat time-out: 30 minutes. You can manually "unseat" anytime to release seat.

If you buy 10 Floating licenses in a single order, you can have 10 concurrent users.

You can get a Secondary serial number when entering a Floating license in aText. Secondary serial number restricts access to a few functions.