Holistic Counseling 5 Levels of Consciousness in Counseling


Seminar #5: Levels of Consciousness in Counseling Jim Morningstar, PhD. The systems theory of Clare Graves, PhD and its growth into Spiral Dynamics* is presented. The historical evolution of belief systems and its effect on individual development and growth is explored. How learning systems and their physiological and psychological underpinnings have evolved is described. How therapies have been generated to utilize evolving learning systems will be explicated. The counselors own systems development and its impact on effectiveness will be discussed. An opportunity to identify ones levels of belief will be presented. *Beck, D. and Cowen, C. Spiral Dynamics: mastering values, leadership and change. Blackwell Publishers; Oxford,UK: 1996. Course Objectives: *Know the basic developmental theory of Clare Graves, *Be conversant with the basic stages of belief systems identified thus far, *Describe at least one therapy having developed from each emergent learning system, *Identify how a counselor’s development impacts effectiveness with particular clientele. Included in this course package are: - a pdf Introduction to Distance Learning through the School of Integrative Psychology - a pdf labeled HC #5 Worksheet - a pdf labeled HC #5 a1. Levels Figure 5 4200 West Good Hope Road ⠂ Milwaukee, WI 53211 ⠂ 414 351 5770 ⠂ info@transformationsusa.com ⠂ www.transformationsusa.com - a pdf labeled HC #5 a2. Levels Figure 2 - a pdf labeled HC #5 b1. Levels Themes & Problems - a pdf labeled HC #5 b2. Pro-Reg Dev of Systems - a pdf labeled HC #5 c. Levels Figure D - a pdf labeled HC #5 d. Levels Nesting - a pdf labeled HC #5 e. Levels - Chart - a pdf labeled HC #5 Therapy According to Levels - a pdf labeled HC #5 TWISI access - an mp3 labeled Holistic Counseling #5 rev.mp3