Advanced Practicum and Apprenticeship In Community Building


The Purpose of the Advanced Practicum is to gain all the skills to manifest successful holistic businesses and teach courses that are the foundation for and support a thriving community. To have the tools available to teach these foundational courses and market them successfully when the time is right in your life. This eight session course addresses the disillusion of traditional cultural and family systems which has left a glaring need for communities of trust and values. If addictive substances and pastimes are all that are available to those hungry for aliveness, that is where they will often turn. This is a critical time in our planetary history for grass roots leadership to bring value and substance to those seeking what is not being offered from traditional structures or mass media. To be of lasting value these communities must involve a long term (e.g., 6 months or more) commitment from participants and immerse them in the highest quality thoughts and experiences during this time to make a permanent consciousness shift.