Ascension in our usage of the concept is the process of heightening conscious awareness and effectiveness on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. We focus on ascending in each of these levels personally, relationally and as a planet over 9 classes. Each member’s growth will be supported by the practices taught and the detailed exercises in each class. Our work will culminate in a Personal Ascension Plan resulting from the exploration, experimentation and inspiration we share on this sacred journey. Course Benefits: • Clarity about your personal ascension • Tools to carry forth your Personal Ascension Plan • Support and feedback from a global spiritual community • Joy in owning and living your life purpose now Course Curriculum: Class 1 & 2 Introduction and Physical Ascension - from health to peak performance with tools from Qi Gong, Nei Gong, advanced Taiji and breathwork; nurturance, sexuality, energetic boundary setting… Class 3 & 4 Emotional Ascension - EQ and neurobiology, emotional trauma release, scale of emotions, communication of feelings, the feeling body and manifestation, the planetary emotional body… Class 5 & 6 Mental Ascension - tools for mental mastery, advanced analysis and affirmation, using group and planetary mind clearing techniques and balance, the seven dimensions of Higher Intelligence… Class 7 & 8 Spiritual Ascension - path of enlightenment, One Spirit, Mahayana, meditation and Holy Vision, being a bodhisattva, immortalists, guidance from Ascended Masters… Class 9 Integration - the brain and new levels of integral functioning, integral daily practice, creation of and dedication to your Personal Ascension Plan, Circle of Guides assistance, the Celebration of Ascension. Included in this course package are: - a pdf Introduction to Distance Learning through the School of Integrative Psychology - 9 zip files which include mp3s recordings (labeled Ascension #1- #9) and a folder with pdf Handouts for each class