Being a Teacher of Light


To be embodied on this planet is to be a student and teacher of Light - for Light is where we come from, what we are made of and where we are going. We can become more conscious and masterful of how we live and grow in Light if we choose. This choice means devoting the time and attention to this mastery. Our class is a commitment to learn and share lessons of Light from acknowledged teachers, with each other and with our world. Each month we will steep ourselves in the light of a master’s path and deepen our reverence for ours. All will have the opportunity to be supported in sharing and teaching from our own Light.Goals for this course are to: Immerse ourselves in the highest Light teachings and practices available Share and grow together as a community of light students and teachers Accept and live our mission to be a beacon of light in our world Class # 1 Intro: What is your Light Being? How do you experience and share it? Meeting Master Teachers. How we will learn and grow together as a community of light students/teachers. Handouts, references and homework. Class #2 Embodying Light on the planet earth. Teachers, light practices and experiments for the month. Class #3 Bringing Light to our relationships. Sharing and mastering joy in the Dance of Light with others. Class #4 Identifying with Light in the shadow play of our daily life. Strengthening our core identity; releasing addictive illusions. Class #5 Falling in love with the Light in all. Breathing in Love and Light every moment of our existence. Class #6 Creating with Light as our true profession. Commanding Light resources with certitude. Class #7 Mastering Holy Vision - teaching it spontaneously. Seeing the Light of divine teaching in our every step. Class #8 Being with and conversing with Master Light Teachers in physical and spiritual forms every day. Class #9 Celebrating