Breathworker Certification Modules


The Breathworker Training Modules focus in depth on specific aspects of being a competent and successful breathworker. Each module highlights different techniques for guiding oneself and others through the many and varied applications of breath for healing and growing. This ranges from breathwork's use in professional practice, water and group breathwork, pre-birth stages and the physiology and history of the use of breath mastery throughout the ages. Finally the finer points of body and energy reading as a breathworker are covered. This material when combined with clinical practicum is all applicable to certification as a professional breathworker according to the standards of the International Breathwork Training Alliance. Course Objectives: *Know the basic principles of breath coaching for dry, wet and group settings, *Be conversant with the ancient and modern roots of breathwork, *Have an understanding of the physiology and psychology of breathing, *Be aware of the energetic dynamics, body themes and potential of being a breath facilitator, *State the neuropsychological approach of Therapeutic Breathwork in healing trauma, *Elucidate the ethical challenges of working with non-ordinary states of consciousness.