Holistic Counseling 4 Theories and Techniques of Holistic Counseling


Seminar #4: Theories and Techniques of Holistic Counseling Jim Morningstar, PhD. A history and overview of the development of holistic counseling is presented. Individual theories and the practices associated with them are presented. These include the Family Systems Theory of Murray Bowen, MD, Gestalt Therapy of Fritz Perls, MD, Bioenegetics of Alexander Lowen, MD, Primal Therapy of Arthur Janov, PhD, and Therapeutic Breathwork of Jim Morningstar, PhD. The newly emerging field of Positive Psychology is introduced. The holistic paradigm is viewed in a developmental perspective. Course Objectives: *Know the early roots of the holistic paradigm in counseling, *Identify basic tenants of: -Family Systems Theory, -Gestalt Therapy, -Bioenergetics, -Primal Therapy and -Therapeutic Breathwork. *Identify holistic techniques to which the student resonates, Included in this course package are: - a pdf Introduction to Distance Learning through the School of Integrative Psychology - a pdf labeled HC #4 Worksheet - a pdf labeled HC #4 Resource List - an mp3 labeled Holistic Counseling #4 rev.mp3